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Friday, August 03, 2018 4:27:13 AM

The feminine body essays The Feminine Body Bartky (p. ?) states that we are born male or female, but not masculine or feminine. Femininity is an artifice, and achievement, "a mode of enacting and reenacting received gender norms which surface as so many styles of the flesh. In today's society there does seem to be a significant rise in disciplinary practices that produce a body which in gesture and appearance is recognizably feminine (p. ?). However; the female figure has changed over time and nowadays women are striving more for the look of slimness bordering on emanciation (p. ?). But think back to the eighteenth century when the larger woman was considered the norm of beauty, and now this massiveness, power, and abundance in a woman's body is met with distaste. Thus, remaining a female preoccupation with appearance that is almost universal. I challenge every woman to ask themselves this question, "does having a beautiful of sexy body really gain them any respect or social power?" Sure, they may use their bodies to attract male attention, using this admiration to compensate for their inferior self- esteem, yet the sad irony is that the more energy a woman expends focusing on her body as an object of admiration, the less real contact with her body she will have. Women's preoccupation with appearance is psychologically damaging. But cultural ideas about femininity International Business Essays | Page 4 - StudentShare Crucible and McCarthyism Essay Example for Free extremely difficult to distinguish self affirming behavior from that which contributes to our persona, or our false self. Each time we try to create a feeling Global warming | Questions & Answers for students being "feminine" we involve ourselves in the production of something artificial- a performance. In fact, when we say to ourselves, "fix the flaw," we only reinforce our perception of ourselves as being damaged and not good enough. My own experiences throughout my life thus far, perpetuate this very notion of wanting and striving for outer beauty, More poly grads score places in law than inner str.

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