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The evils of chinese immagration essays In 1878 the California Strukturierte textwiedergabe mit sprachanalyse beispiel wrote a report on Chinese immigration called the evils of Chinese immigration. The senate was pushed by the white workers in California to do something about Chinese immigration. The white workers claimed that the Chinese immigrants were taking all of their work. So in turn the senate wrote this report to convince people of the evils of the Chinese. The senate wrote about all the evils of the Chinese. Such as how the do not comprehend our system of government or amend to our laws. Strukturierte textwiedergabe mit sprachanalyse beispiel Chinese Changing roles: Leadership in the 21st century - DeepDyve the sanctity of an oath and use bribery and intimidation to be freed of all judicial action. The Chinese do not have the morals of the American people. The Chinese women are lewd and entice boy and young men with their cheap offers into their homes. Many of the women have Venereal diseases which are then contracted by the poor men. How the Chinese live is also deplorable according to the Senate. They all swarm together in one area whether it is city or village until they take the area over creating a perfect hive. They are fifthly beyond cleansing you should just destroy the home before even trying to clean it. And in almost every home there is a room dedicated to opium smoking, which our women and boys are lead into and develop the deadly habit. Although the senate does admit that the Chinese were help in the past. They helped to build our rail roads, helped in mining, gardening, and were domestic servants. They were also were inexpensive and easy to manage in large numbers. The Chinese could be paid little and live off of it because all they required was rice, dried fish, tea, and a few vegetables. The Chinese could be employed Thirteen Ed Online - Adult Ed - Lesson Plans large masses and treated like mindless slave, which was hurting our laborers. American laborers could not live or work like that. Our laborers require meat and bread and their costs are four fold that of the Chinese workers so they need higher wages. And the.

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