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Monday, August 13, 2018 12:30:54 AM

Standing in her shadow essays meone like her, and she often asked her why. Juliet would just smile and say "Who wouldn't want to be friends with you?" They just caught the busand made there way to the back seat where they always sat. Usually Brigid was a chatter box on the way home, telling Juliet all the things that had happened to her that day, but today she just stared blankly out the window thinking of nothing but Jared. She wouldn't even tell Juliet about her new crush for fear that she would laugh, that she would even think about going out with someone as "perfect" as he was. She and Juliet lived next door to each other, so they got off the bus and walked home together. She said goodbye abd continued to walk a few more feet to her house. Her mother was home, but as always Brigid gave a solemn nod of the head and continued off to her room. Ever since Brigid could remember Alberta Provincial Subject Achievement Testing Bulletin fought with her mom, she didn't know why, they just could never seem to get along. Her dad had left when she was five, maybe thatwas partically to blame. The only memories she had of her father were a few photographs taken before the divorce. Her mother refused to let Brigid see or speak to her father, that's what made Brigid hate her the most. The occasional birthday or christmas card wasn't enought f.

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