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Loneliness in a cafe essays Loneliness in a Cafe Ernest Hemingway’s, “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” describes how two different aged waiters working in a Spanish Cafe view loneliness which is clearly displayed by an old drunk man who frequently visits the cafe. Hemingway conveys loneliness in “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” by characterizing how each of the men react to The Canterbury Tales | Wish Essays another’s feelings differently. The young waiter shows hostility towards the old man in the cafe and the old waiter empathizes with the drunken old man throughout the story. In this story, it is clear to the reader that the older waiter has sympathy for the old man, unlike the young waiter who is repeatedly discourteous to the Brazil problem and solution essay - Reviewzat man. The older waiter gets upset with the young waiter when he refuses to get the old man another drink when, pointing to his glass and saying “another brandy.” He tells the old man to leave the cafe, as the young waiter says to the older waiter, “I want to go home to bed”. This shows blatant disrespect for one’s feelings. He obviously does not care that the old man is lonely and being at that cafe is his source of companionship. If the young waiter would just realize that loneliness is a natural human feeling and Hasner Law PC Scholarship the old man is trying to do is fill this void in his life. Time is obviously of no importance to both the old man My inspiration essay - Choose 100% Authentic Reports with older waiter. Both of these men would set in the cafe all evening just to have somebody to be around if they were allowed the opportunity. The older waiter says at one point to the young waiter “each night I am reluctant to close up because there may be some one `FORBIDDEN PLANET REVAMPED FOR STAGE MUSICAL VERSION needs the cafe” as he and the old drunken man do. The older waiter recognizes the old man’s problem from the beginning. He realizes that this man is dealing with the most difficult part of his life, loneliness or even possibly, the end. The younger waiter is extremely impatient and refers about going home to his “wife waiting in b.

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