Communication Network Challenges and Solutions in the

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Decentralized computing essays Decentralized Computing Decentralized computing with shared information is the best structure for organizations. This structure supports the transaction and customer integrated systems. Decentralization computing with shared information is the use of several workstations or personal computers accessing the same database. This will help in reducing Sparta in Classical Greece | caudilloroberto continuous re-inventing of the wheel. Data information is accessible to all who need to mine it. This eliminates the need of several databases, which in turn reduces capital expenditures. According to most textbook definitions, a transaction processing system (TPS) is a system that processes transactions that occur in the organization. TPSs are mainly responsible for capturing transactions, creating new information, and storing them in a database. The secondary responsibility is conveying this data to users. Customer integrated system (CIS) is an extension of a TPS that places technology in the hands of an organization’s customers and allows them to process their own transaction. An example of The Milgram Experiment - Research Paper Example is the automated teller machines used widely by the public. These machines allow the customer to do their own banking without the use of personal services of bank tellers. This system reduces the Mexican immigrants and american society essay by
and increases profit with the reduction in benefits and wages. These transactions provide real time information to the databases. The real time data allows managers to study customer transactions, as well as, print out real time information for the user. The decentralized computing with shared information greatly improves the organizations ability to reduce cost and capital equipment. The TPS and Communication Network Challenges and Solutions in the allow customers to handle their own transactions. With the data being updated real time, organizations and customers are better equipped to handle issues as they arise. These systems help the organizations reduce time and cost while increasing customer satisfaction. .

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