Friendship and knowledge in the Theaetetus

Saturday, July 28, 2018 10:39:04 AM

Opportunity: to take, or not to take essays In James Joyce’s “Eveline”, the protagonist decides whether she should stay home with her father, the antagonist, or leave with a kind and loving sailor, Frank. Eveline is a nineteen-year old who is on the brink on womanhood and can’t choose whether to go or stay because of her immaturity. Currently, she is living with her father where he treats her poorly and even takes away her money. Trying to escape from the thresholds of her father’s abusive behavior, Eveline sits at her window and ponders about the idea of leaving her father to live with Frank in Buenos Ayres where they would be happily married. The only reason holding her back from making this decision is her promise to her mother, to keep the home together as long as she could. With her inability Friendship and knowledge in the Theaetetus make a decision because of her immaturity, she evaluates both decisions--to stay home and live an abusive life with her father or to feel guilty as she sails away with Frank, the love of her life. Eveline’s past reminds her of the good times and urges her decision to stay with her father. In the beginning of this excerpt from Dubliners, she recalls her pleasant childhood in the field with all her playmates and friends. In the past, she had a typical family--a father, a mother, and brothers and sisters. Back then, he father wasn’t as abusive and rude to her like he is now, and her mother was alive. When Eveline was a little girl, she used to play every evening with her friends and neighbors. But when everything changes, Friendship and knowledge in the Theaetetus plans to follow everyone else. This quote, “Now she was going to go away like the others, to leave her home,” offers a contrasting reason for her to stay at home. Her childhood seems to have been the only content time in her life, mainly because her mother was alive. When her mother passed away, Eveline had to Seizing Local Wisdom: Looking Closer Into Javanese the burden of being the “woman of the house.” She had to give up her entire wages to her father because her father said, “.

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