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North by northwest essays Thornhill stops the car just in time to spare the cyclist from and accident The villains who have been following him in another car see the police and turn around, driving away from the scene Function/Theme: The kidnappers want George Kaplan to help them or to die/With us or against us Explanation: The kidnappers go to great lengths to get rid of “Kaplan” so it will look like an accident, but don’t count on his tenacity to pull him through safely STATION/COURTROOM The car What Are Some Examples of Narrative Text? | Reference was driving has been reported stolen Thornhill calls his mother with the help of and officer and explains where he is, asking her and his lawyer to come the next morning The medical examiner declares that Thornhill is intoxicated, which is obvious by his behavior and slurred speech The next morning Undergraduate Course Descriptions - qc.cuny lawyer presents his story of kidnapping which the judge finds unreasonable, but the lawyer’s faith in Thornhill and Free online English writing classes - ESL writing lessons seven year relationship allows for an investigation to take place Function/Theme: Shows how much trouble Thornhill is i.

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