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Tuesday, August 07, 2018 1:39:14 AM

Service. essays Service "We are rarely taught to serve in life. We are taught to work. Work, we are taught, is the act of doing what needs to be done in order to acquire the things that we need. Work, we believe, is necessary to our ability to survive in life. Work, as it is done in this society, is the ultimate measure of our value in life. Te more we earn as a result of the work we do, the higher the value we place on ourselves. We work not for the pleasure of it; we work for the reward and recognition. Although there are many forms of work in which we provide a service to others and to the world, our attention is generally focused on what we get and the outcome of what we do. This is not service." "Service is the act of doing Is buy essay online plagiarism | Cream Room Recording Studio you love for the sake of loving it. This is the highest work you can do in the world. Service is the divine multiplier. When you perform an act of genuine service, giving of your time, energy, and resources as an act of love, the universe will multiply what you do and reward you with greater results than expected. Love sparks the fires of passion. Passion leads to spontaneity and creativity. Spontaneous Dissertation sur le conseil constitutionnel algerien is a supreme act of trust. When you trust yourself and the universe enough to give yourself over to the passion of what you love, you are serving humanity and the Divine." "Have you ever wondered why most people hate their jobs?. When you subdue your passion to focus on reward and outcome, there is no expression of love. The foundation of human nature is that we need love. We crave love. We grow in a loving environment. It's not the money that is missing from the workplace, it is the love. It is the service." ".Service, doing what you love, has rewards that money cannot buy. When you give yourself over to acts of love, passionately spending your time giving of yourself, you are never at a loss or lack for the things that you need. Believe it or not, we need much more in life than money. We need a sens.

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