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Plato's noble lie essays Plato's Noble Lie In Plato’s Republic, we find that he has a very unique sense of what is correct knowledge and what it to be disregarded in the education process. He is very selective with what he believes to be the essential beginning steps to instructing a citizen in his ideal city and what things are to be carefully censored, as not to promote false beliefs among the students. Among the Paid math homework help » Deans Community High School to be censored is tragic poetry. In this particular area, Plato notes that the reader can inevitably become enamored by the events of the poem in question. He specifically chooses Homer to discuss and says that his poetry enforces the already popular Athenian beliefs that it is the natural state of existence for the strong to overpower the weak, injustice shall always yield more profits than justice, sex and violence are parts of every day heroic existence, war is glorified, and the gods are cunning tricksters who take the utmost pleasure Cheap write my essay alienation and loneliness
tormenting not only humans, but each other, as well. Plato sees these views of the world to be utterly ridiculous and states that the stories one should feed to children should be of the complete opposite of them. He is concerned that the listeners of such tales would take their subject matter to heart and, therefore, learn by example. He does, however, have a certain system of “lies” that he is willing CMI Level 5 Certificate In Management and Leadership convey to his citizens in order to help them gain a better understanding of what living the righteous life includes. These lies are not to be considered dishonest, but “noble,” pointing the listeners in the right direction. Such stories are ones with plot lines based on virtue. They shall depict the gods as they are—good and virtuous, since nothing godlike can ever be bad. The gods The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants | Movies Every Basic supposed to be the most perfect of all beings A Successful Life essays - Essays and Papers Online it would be illogical to believe that anything so flawless could be as vindictive, deceiving, selfish, and lacking in self-control as the tragic poets.

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