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Ferdinand marcos administration essays Marcos Administration Theme of the Present Governance Ferdinand Marcos was an intelectual, capable of initiating unimaginable ideals for himself and for his country. He served in the military and assembled medals of prestige and honor. For a Whats my professional title while working full time on my Ferdinand was sentenced imprisonment, but this “mishap” proved Ferdinand to be resilient image, he studied while he was in prison and even topped the bar exams; in Research Paper Help Canada - MyAssignmenthelp future aquitted himself in court The Importance of Safety Equipment in Sports and Exercise his own defense; who would then know that the core of Martial Law rooted in the blood of the Marcos’s. Our president Joseph Estrada, was a former movie actor, who portrayed roles of heroism for the poor. Ferdinand and Erap have different origins; Macoy being a soldier and Erap as an actor; however the governance of both presidents had similarities in some ways. Before Martial Law, Research Paper Help Canada - MyAssignmenthelp two years of service to the Filipinos was fairly proficient, infrastractures, which still stands today, was built during those early terms of Ferdinand Marcos. The Marcos regime oversaw the potentials of inflation; they monopolized every possible scene in the industry, placing their cronies and relatives to the advantage and under the protection of the government. The autocratic style and power of Marcos, coupled with the first lady, Imelda Romualdez seemed ceaseless, but the spirit of nationalism was beginning to act, mass rallies were getting into place, and the number of activists grew. Today, the strength of nationalism is being tested once more. Economic and political crisis has sprung again, and the question of another Martial law is being raised. Martial law was heed upon, with the consent of the U.S., there was a new society envisioned by Ferdinand, he saw this as an aperture for a change. Ferdinand’s political oppositions and peo! ple who posed as a threat to the administration was either exiled or imprisoned, again an add-on to the strength of the Regime. Human right.

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