Ninth Grade Writing Standards Standards 9.W.1.1 Students

Friday, July 27, 2018 7:14:44 AM

Technology and social equity Child Labour Should Be Banned Free Essays - studymode caused their low social status. Therefore, for preventing the next generation from repeating the same fate, Asian And term papers - mantex parents already start addressing to their children about the idea that ?§school success is gaining entrance into the best colleges?? when their children are still little (Tureba 134). Besides continually asking their children what they plan to do in the future, Asian American parents also ?§force?? their children to choose fields in which they think their children will most likely find success. For instance, Most Asian Americans consider computer science an important field because it ?§lends itself to other fields well known to them such as programming and electrical engineering.??(134) Therefore, they encourage their children to become computer specialists because such a job will guarantee their children a reliable and relatively high income. Thus, today many Asian Americans can be found being working at very high positions in some computer-related high technology companies. They?¦re generally highly skilled engineers or computer programmers, compared with other ethnic groups of people who work in the computer-related fields, because they have already started sharpening their skills at their young ages. Moreover, in order to enable their children to be successful in the future, most Asian Americans have to make sacrifices. For example, a lot of Asian American parents would like to send their children to private universities, such as Ivy-League schools, whose tuitions usually cost more than 20,000 dollars a year, despite the fact that they barely make more than 40,000 a year themselves. For these parents, a diploma from a Personal Statement Writing Service Toronto - personal like Harvard will guarantee their kids great career opportunities. Footnote font size in body of Essay in Word not working, ?§most middle-class Asian American families have computers in their homes, and many have very sophisticated equipment.??(134) Although advanced computers must cost them a for.

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