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Child prostitution essays os for 3 hours work. The pimp would get twenty percent of it minimum, most likely fifty percent . ECPAT has estimated that there are between 100,000 and 300,000 children sexually exploited through prostitution and pornography in the United States. It is often common for girls who are involved in prostitution to experience rape. Up to 70 percent The lottery - Home female-juvenile prostitutes admitting that they have been raped by customers, an average of 31 times per prostitute . It is not only the females who are involved in child prostitution. In regions such as Sri Lanka and North Africa there are more prostituted boys than girls. In these areas, as many as 30,000 boy prostitutes are earning as little as $1 a day, primarily having sex with tourists. Southeast Asia is by far experiencing the greatest problem with the commercial sexual exploitation of their children. Countries with a serious problem in this area include: Korea, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, The Philippines, and Thailand. The Philippines and Thailand are especially entrenched in widespread child prostitution. The Children's Rights Protection Center in Thailand estimates "as many as 800,000 prostitutes from age 12-16 alone. South America is next in the amount of child prostitutes. Following Thailand, Brazil has the second largest number of prostituted children in the world. UNICEF reports the figure to be at about 500,000Areas such as Africa and the former Soviet Republics are quickly becoming filled with child prostitutes. Countries like the USA and Canada have fewer numbers but they also are seeing a rise in the amount of children selling sex on the streets. The situation in Columbia is upsetting. A 1994 study by the City of Bogota Chamber of Commerce found that iRubric: MLA Style Research Paper rubric - rcampus among 8-13 year olds has increased by 500% between 1986 and 1993. A 1995 UNICEF study in Guatemala, Astral Travel - Telepathy and Dream Control Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua discovered that almost half of the girl prostitutes th.

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